Miko Mayer

Artist, Photographer, and Feline Appreciator in the United Kingdom

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I'm an artist, a photographer and writer, as well as a host of other things; to be honest, I enjoy creating (and learning about) almost everything. My life looks nothing like I thought it would when I was younger and I feel incredibly lucky for the twists and turns my path has taken so far. Most of all, that it is has brought me to the UK and my husband, who means the world to me.

I am ethnically half British and half Japanese, but I grew up in Vancouver, Canada. Over a decade ago, I moved to the UK and though it has truly become my home, I have also enjoyed spending time temporaily living in Qatar and Singapore.

You can find my photos and more information about me and my creations on www.mikomayer.com.

Wishing you all the best,


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