Mikomi Chan


Mikomi Chan has been an avid costumed crusader since 2011. Since becoming involved in cosplay it has lead to her working in a maid cafe, being part of a convention staff, participating in cosplay contests, and leading panels across the country. Her cosplays have been featured in all manner of media including geek/pop culture websites, art exhibits, magazines, and television. Mikomi has also been modeling since 2008 in the fashion industry. When she discovered cosplay several years into her modeling career, she quickly figured out how to use her modeling experience to make her cosplay photographs more artistic. Modeling has helped Mikomi turn wearing a cosplay in a photo into her own form of artistic expression, often doing on location, themed shoots for each individual costume.

She decided to start up a small costuming business in 2013, and has been designing costumes for fellow cosplayers ever since. She loves applying her craftsmanship skills to help other people both be able to cosplay as well as teaching them how to create costumes of their own. She has made costumes for cosplayers throughout the US. When she is not working on her next cosplay, Mikomi can be found participating in various manner of geeky things, playing sports, but most importantly spending time with her husband and son.

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