Matthew Ikonen

I am a very cautious seeker of the spiritual. I think of myself currently as a Naturalist - one who reveres nature as it is, without belief in anything supernatural; however I am open to change. I've studied many different religions, as you might discover if you've ever googled my name. ;) I am not a member of any religious/magical group at this time, and I don't plan to join any. Although skeptical of most religious and supernatural things, I am again cautiously open minded about ghosts and magic - I've had some weird experiences with both that I have not been able to explain. That being said, I am and have been examining these experiences in the warm light of science and psychology in order to understand them. I love halloween, horror, strange music, vegetarian food, malamutes, among other related things. I've been married to my partner Adam since Halloween 2010, although we've been monogamous literally since the moment we first met on Sept 16th 2006. Our life goals are to start a few businesses and buy some forest land out in the middle of nowhere and build a house...a haunted house that will be open year round! We of course would live there too. I also have a strong appreciation for Progressive Islam. I am not Muslim myself, but I love the Progressive Muslim culture of tolerance and critical thinking. It's really exciting to observe, it is literally like watching the Christian Reformation as its happening. I feel that Prog Islam may very well be the majority religious practice of the future. <3 to my Prog Muslim friends! Back in 2008 (I think) I authored a book called the Warlocks Handbook. I wrote it to sort of encapsulate everything that I had learned up to that point in the occult in general, with emphasis on non-Wiccan witchcraft and the Satanic lineages of Anton LaVey (including Setianism and Vampirism). It is available all over the internet now as a pdf, and you have my permission to download it. I won't come after you. ;) hehe My stance as of now (12/5/2011) is that its really poorly done, and I would rather it go away; but for whatever reason I still get emails about it all the time. To each their own I guess. Some of the info regarding various organizations in the Handbook are totally false though, so please do not use it as fodder against anyone. Thank you. \m/ No worries, only metal!