Leo @matsuno

hiya! i'm leo but you should call me muffet or choromatsu if you don't know me too well. i'm a guy who just loves to have a good time on the internet webspace. i'm a lot more active on twitter (@soccermom97) and tumblr (@razputin)

i'm very invested in Osomatsu-san, UNDERTALE, Harvest Moon, Zero Escape, Professor Layton, Ace Attorney, Card Captor Sakura, Shin Megami Tensei, Evangelion, Devilman, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, and Higurashi. whew

english isn't my first language, so forgive me if i mess things up sometimes. going along with this, i don't understand neopronouns and will either use aux pronouns or just avoid using pronouns entirely. my first language is spanish. i am also learning japanese.

i have severe anxiety, depression, psychosis, and BPD. all of these are professionally diagnosed (not that it would be any less legitimate otherwise).

sometimes i switch typing styles, don't worry about it. It's mostly because i'm not feeling myself and talking in correct syntax feels like a mask to me. It's an abstract kinda feelin'.

i'm not kin with anything. i only relate to/ID with characters. you can find these characters here. please don't follow me if you go by clover. the most important one on this page is clover from 999. i am clover. Don't worry about it.

i think that's about it. i might seem kinda scary but i'm just a shitposter deep down. think of me as if I'm the Dog with a Blog. that usually works.