Mikron Digital Imaging

34418 Rosati Avenue Livonia , MI, US

Throughout its 28-year history in the medical imaging sector, Mikron Digital Imaging has become known for its extensive selection of innovative medical technology. In terms of radiography, clients frequently use the company’s solutions to obtain higher quality images and streamline their patient workflows. Mikron Digital Imaging also works closely with professionals in the cardiovascular fields, enabling them to image the circulatory system and the heart. Other common markets served include computed tomography, power protection, electrophysiology, and bariatric imaging.

In the field of law enforcement, the company offers a low-dose X-ray system designed to detect illegal items such as drugs, explosives, wires, and more. Clients frequently use the RadPRO SECURPASS at security checkpoints in airports, border crossings, prisons, and government buildings. For clients with security needs in remote locations, the company also offers a smaller, more portable version of its RadPRO technology.

Mikron Digital Imaging employees possess an extensive knowledge of all products and help clients repair their systems whenever possible.

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