Mikuláš Bryan

Prague, the Czech Republic

Translating sitcoms, musicals and poetry since 1998. Worked on the official translation of HIMYM, The Scrubs, Dexter and Jerry Springer: The Opera, to name just a few. Enjoying anything that requires a creative approach to language.

Playing in bands since 2001. Folk and early music with various twists and turns. Busking, touring Europe, making appearance on international festivals.

Teaching dance since 2003. Bal folk, blues and early dances, both at home and abroad. Mostly for fun. And to have somebody to dance with.

Writing stuff since 2006. For theatres, mags, small brands, big brands. Articles, reviews, websites, ads, banners, claims. Lots and lots of letters.

Organising dance camps since 2007 and international dance festivals since 2012. Oh, yes!