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Name: Adrian/Arin

Gender: Demiboy, he/they ( I also like neb/nebs/nebself, and xe/xim/xis/ximself thoo)

Sexuality: Asexual, Grey-aro

-try to like my txt posts but if u can't it's ok


-I'm a witch

-i draw, and Im gonna go to college soon and be an animator ! uvu

-I play the ukulele and sing, and I make my own songs sometimes

-my favorite band is hpz, or human petting zoo

-if you try to defend incest ships, transphobia, acephobia, ableism, racism, or literally any of that kind of shit I will likely get v pissed over it lol...

-I try my best to tag everything, but I'm usually doing it at school on mobile, so if I fuck up pls send me an ask and I'll fix it asap! thank!


Sophont system.

-Jude, Anna, and the host/vessel (Arin).

Otherkin: spacekin, starkin, alienkin, techkin, glitchkin, sharkkin, squidkin, Indian wolf kin, pigeon kin, catkin

Fictkin: listed @solluxinfojpg

Privileges: White, able-bodied, thin

// please tag:

-mark jefferson (from life is strange)

-sollux pairs besides arasol and erisol

-Sal (from Wadanohara. If you are a Sal apologist or a mark jefferson apologist pls don't follow btw)

-rape/sexual assault/"noncon"

-if u could tag art of any of my kins/a random ass oc as "#sol don't look" that'd be nice but u don't have to ! If ur comfy doin it tho pls try to,

-death shown (mentioned is fine)

-self harm/self injury in any way


// I have:

-ADHD, BPD, AVPD, ED, OCD traits, social anxiety, MDD, trichotillomania, and I dissociate way too much. (all are self dxed besides ADHD, ED, MDD, social anxiety, and therapist thinks I have BPD prob so)

(please do not reblog my bpd posts/bpd posts I reblog unless you have bpd/think you have bpd btw)

-I'm a surviver of emotional/verbal abuse, and sexual assault. I'm also recovering from self harm.


kin memory's are on blog as " /tagged/mems" and " /tagged/memories" !

I'm fine w doubles for all my kins, besides Red from Transistor.

btw, I ID as all of my kins. when I say "kin/kin of" I mean "litterally am"

I support "down with cis" lmao