mikleo ahh

bleach mutual in Massachusetts

mikleo ahh

bleach mutual in Massachusetts

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[mik]leo | they/them | 17

chaotic neutral, intp, aquarius, ravenclaw

current fixations: BLEACH, jjba

biggest ccs: ishida uryu, sorey

+ joseph joestar, caesar zeppeli


i love kiah so much she is my wonderful girlfriend of nearly three years and i post lots of pda

she is sorey, orihime inoue, haru okumura, nico robin and hinata shouyo

doubles ok for robin and hinata

i am mikleo and gowther. my ids are rukia kuchiki, kurapika kurta and makoto niijima. no doubles

my kins are max caulfield, akihito kanbara, trafalgar law, death the kid, yoite and nagisa shiota + i’m questioning sytry cartwright. ask to follow if you double

dm aesthetics and identity to follow.

if i ever softblock it’s probably because you were inactive. feel free to dm and request again.