milad hadchiti

I discovered, in my early years, how significant the effect of image is on society and the community around us which consequently led to my decision in choosing the television as a career, followed by a field of specialization and a degree in Audio Visual Media. Throughout my 13 years of work in hosting televisions programs, I attempted to discover the best approach to create a better image of myself in the minds of my viewers. I felt overjoyed and delighted every time I received feedback from my audience and viewers saying that there was a huge resemblance between who I am in reality and who I was on TV. As for my work at the radio station, it presents enough evidence about the kind of expectations and the overall image formed in the minds of people about us through our Tone, speech, and way which words are conveyed. I went further and gained more knowledge in the aspects of social image and personal branding, and realized that the way others perceived us was through the way we dressed, the way we acted and what words we spoke. To accomplish being myself, I had to focus my attention on how others perceived me. And to accomplish effective communication, I had to learn to listen better. “When it comes to relationships, authenticity is what others say they want most from us. We make the most lasting and vivid impressions when people witness us being true to our beliefs, staying in alignment with who and what we really are.” Are we characterized by the red tie we wear portraying a sense of confidence? Or are we distinguished by that penetrating look in our eyes? Are we symbolized by a unique handshake hinting something greater than a simple greeting? We are all that, and much more… We represent color, shape, and style We correspond to the way we greet and salute, to the way we treat others, to our tone and speech. So I made a decision to enter deeper into the science of “Personal Branding” and I studied the effect of colors, first impressions and image on others and how it facilitated the path for success and achieving goals in life. Therefore, whenever I was given the chance to assist someone in developing his personal brand, I realized that life was rewarding me with greater success and greater confidence than what I had always dreamt of in my childhood. The power of knowledge when exchanged and the power of love returned in double portion.. Today I offer professional assistance and knowledge in the field of image consulting and perso