Mila Maxime Narducci

Writer, Life Coach, and Consultant in Италия

Mila Maxime Narducci

Writer, Life Coach, and Consultant in Италия

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My name is Mila Maxime Narducci, I am an efficiency mentor, associated with Coscientia and Mentors Project educational system.
I help people and businesses to gain more control over their lives and get rid of inner and interpersonal conflicts.

6+ years of practice, specializing in individual training, counseling and mentoring.

16+ years of studies, researches and personal practice and self development.

I know what works and what doesn't and how to convey that to my clients in the most efficient way.

Personal developments is a vocation and raising awareness makes this world a better place.

I am also a business advisor working in different projects and I am writing a book on personal development.

Until now, I've been working offline through word of mouth with clients from different European countries.

Now I decided that it's time to build a strong online presence and share my knowledge with a greater number of people.

I am open to proposals, collaborations, guest writing and sometimes I might even consider ghost writing or optimizing your business through a highly personalized plan that will enable you to see unconventional psychological patterns you can leverage or avoid in order to get better results while helping others.

Areas of expertise:human behavior, emotions, solutions against manipulation, solitude, anxiety, inner conflicts, relational mechanisms, trust issues, business optimization through a better understanding of human interactions and efficiency components, sales, negotiations, team work and public speaking. Highly confidential and personalized approach.