Mila Miranda

I am specialized in creating web technology platforms and backend management systems for online businesses. With several years of experience and having successfully launched online platforms, I am currently striving to bring unique, tangible and measurable approaches to optimizing and simplifying online platforms. I help online businesses maximize user experience and minimize the margin of human errors by the use of high-end technology.

I am described as being a visionary and a true leader with strong intuition and deep understanding of the world. These qualities are those that help me empathize with others and be flexible in adapting to new situations. Being credited for being result oriented and mentally sharp, I am also described as a decisive and resourceful person who sees challenges as opportunities and takes the initiative to solve problems in unique ways.

Others often see me as a genuine and gifted individual with great interpersonal communication abilities and commitment for constant improvement.

I launched my first online business at the age of 19. The business I created involved the design and execution of an online platform providing tax refund services with an emphasis on targeting specific international students. The website, being unique in allowing students to get their tax refunds back in less than 48 hours, was a great success. Starting from scratch, the revenue for the website reached 365 thousand dollars within only 7 months. As a result, I was recognized as student entrepreneur of the year for Central America and later competed in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) in 2010. To date, the online platform we built is renowned for providing the fastest student refund services worldwide, with our signature “48hr cash in your bank, refund guarantee”.

I take great pride in being appreciated as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Latin America by the global Entrepreneurs Organization Network which recognized me as the “Student Entrepreneur of the Year 2012”, and by other highly esteemed organizations including the Kauffman Foundation. It has become a passion and an honor for me to be invited to participate in international business events as both presenter and attendee.