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If you’re running a social media campaign for your church and you ask who the target audience is and you hear the answer “Everyone!”, then you have a problem. There are few, if any more followers and likes on instagram campaigns that involve the entire church.When you’re building a social media campaign, you need to determine who it is that we’re targeting. The more specific you are, the better chance you have of reaching that audience. Why? Well first, you can tailor ads and language that you know will speak to that audience. Second, you can go to the right social media channels where that audience is.No one wants to leave out a group when promoting in the church and that makes sense on the surface. Of course, you don’t want to exclude people, that’s the nature of a church. However, marketing requires that you exclude people in order to better reach your target audience.Once you have a target audience in mind, it’s helpful if you personalize that target audience. So if you marketing to twenty-year old moms, then think get likes on instagram about the twenty-year old moms that you know who go to your church. Where do they shop? What do they read? If your friends with someone in the target audience, ask questions to get a better sense of who you’re targeting. The more you can put a face on your audience, the more likely you are to reach them.

Essential Social Media Marketing Tips for Business Owners

Social media marketing has rapidly become one of the most powerful – and essential – marketing activities that a business can take on. Whether your business is large or small, social media more followers and likes on instagram marketing can be a cost-effective addition to your overall marketing strategy.According to one recent report, around 80% of SMBs use social media to grow their business, and around 60% report that they have direct evidence that their social media efforts have directly resulted in new customers. As a result, nearly 100% of top brands in the United States are utilizing both Facebook and Twitter, and between 60% and 70% are on the smaller platforms, which include Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest.There are a number of reasons why social media marketing has become such a powerful, p