* Milan Radisics - social media marketing expert, enterpreneur, creative director, designer editor and photographer. A dreamer and implementer.

Founder of award-winning Hungarian Zoom Magazine, Radex Media Group communications agency,, the first and only social media global info, news and analytics center, SuperSocial conference, Golden Like award, and he is the inventor of various social media analytics tools. On the road to invention, his power is creativity and high quality of execution.

His left eye is green and right is blue. He writes with his left and eats with his right. He was born in Yugoslavia, a country which today no longer exist. Nowadays he lives in the heart of Europe in Buda side of Budapest, Hungary, and works in a garage, with passion and a vision – because here it is possible to create really big things!

In free time hi work like a National Geographic contributing photographer with ten published stories in national edition of the magazine.