Milana Sabzali

Student in Little Current, Ontario, Canada

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Hi, my name is Milana Sabzali. I am a grade 11 student enrolled in academic classes at Manitoulin Secondary School. I intend on going to university and studying to be a teacher or a social worker, because I like working with people and I am very good at being organized and self motivated which makes me a good leader.

My biggest interests both academically and recreationally are history, leadership, sociology, psychology, culinary arts, vocal music and traveling. I have completed over the amount of needed hours of community service most of which was completed at churches for community events and being a group leader to children during a youth program for grade school aged children.

My main goals in life are are have a successful career and to have a family. My short term goals include finalizing my decision for post secondary education and keeping my average above an 83%.

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