Milan Hollister

United States of America

Milan Hollister, PHD is an internationally published author that has written everything from travel stories to articles related to health and well-being. In 2005, she set out on a seven year journey that covered four continents and innumerous cities around the world. In that time, she met a lot of people. Yet no matter where she went, the cores of people’s issues were always seemed to be the same. So she began a journey to find out how to heal her own presenting issues and understand the world around her. It was during this time that she learned about the five human values innate within each of us. The knowledge of this value structure came from an avatar in India. But as she started to research further, she realized very quickly that these values are the cornerstone of every religious dogma. They are the breath of life. But as she also came to understand, they are the most overlook of all the teachings. Once she started to incorporate these values into her life in earnest, she quickly came to experience life as easier, most simplistic, and less tumultuous.

Human values are simple life-changing concepts that everyone needs to incorporate into their existence. And now, she shares the gift she has been given to you.

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    • Author, Speaker, Trainer (Teachers, Classrooms)