Milanj Diamonds

A global purveyor of fine diamonds headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, Milanj Diamonds, located online at, offers a variety of online resources to customers looking to make their next diamond investments. Specializing in designer diamond jewelry, the Milanj Diamonds website details the company’s extensive guarantees and prominently features a digital catalog for pre-purchase research. Committed to providing the finest and most brilliant diamonds in the world, Milanj Diamonds works closely with its suppliers to ensure that all diamonds are conflict-free. Adhering to the United Nations Kimberley Process to track diamonds from their origins to their final destinations, Milanj Diamonds guarantees the conflict-free status of all its diamonds and jewelry and supports any developments designed to uphold the integrity of the legal diamond trade.

Also invested in maintaining ties with customers and keeping clients abreast of the latest jewelry and diamond trends, Milanj Diamonds provides links to a frequently updated Facebook page and Twitter feed. With a website and Facebook page filled with facts about diamonds and the jewelry industry, along with a collection of stunning photos, the Milanj Diamonds’ online presence is just another way the company distinguishes itself from other diamond purveyors.

With additional offices in Hong Kong, Beverly Hills, Rome, London, and Paris, Milanj Diamonds employs in-house expert custom craftsmen and certified gemologists to fit clients’ needs. Along with the traditional diamond offerings of engagement rings and wedding bands, Milanj Diamonds customers have a full range of diamond jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, from a variety of world-renowned designers.