Milan Mujović

A 44 year old man from Serbia. I traveled a lot in my lifetime, a few years in New Orleans, USA, then Greece, Bulgaria, and finally Spain, where i reside for the last 10 years. Married, father of 3, love spending time with family. Holding a Master Degree in Neuropsychology. I work with data, and ways to colect, organize, analize and manage data in the best possible manner. My software of choice is FileMaker Pro. I just felt in love with FM at a first glance as i was asked to develope a data system for my company that needed to change frequently, have the implementation price lower then 60-70 000€ and yet be powerfull enough to handle all the data, the documents, tracking etc. It seamed as an impossible task and then i came accross FM Pro. That was 5 years ago and here i am now becoming a FM Pro expert, i could call it my profession as this is my major source of income.