Milan Rajčić

Software Engineer in Zaječar, Serbia

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I first met with Linux back in 2005, but I actively start using it since 2011. Since May 2011. I am an active member of Ubuntu LoCo Serbia, and in October 2012. I became the administrator-moderator of the Ubuntu LoCo Serbia forums. In the spring of 2012, I started with active promotion of Linux, Ubuntu and Open Source Software, and with a friend I started ZaLin (Community of Zajecar's Linux users) which consist of organizing promotions and presentation of Linux, Ubuntu and FOSS, supported by Ubuntu LoCo Serbia. Since 2014, in cooperation with a member of Ubuntu LoCo Serbia I launched an Open Source project called Ubuntu AIO. The project consists of one ISO file, on which would be Ubuntu and its derivatives. Our desire was to provide to the Linux users what everyone needed - one ISO file with a number of Linux distributions in one place. The project recorded unexpected success - for only two months it has reached 40.000 downloads from Sourceforge server. In July 2014, in consultation with other founder, we merged a number of similar projects and changed the name into Linux AIO, where in addition to Ubuntu and its derivatives you now have the Linux Mint, Linux Mint Debian, Debian and Fedora with their official versions with different DE. Also new issues with other Linux distributions are in the process of making. Linux AIO is a very noticeable in both domestic, Serbian sites and blogs and also on foreign ones. In the end of 2014. our ISO files has been downloaded over than 80.000 times, and in the end of 2015. that number was over 150.000. Linux AIO also was a Project of the Week on the SourceForge website two times in a few months.

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