LiudMila or Ludmila Mila aka Ludmila

Mother in Moldova Veche, Romania

I have fought for human rights, and LGBT rights. But, i am not political.

i am not technical. either.

I worry about safety and security of my family specially related to cyber threats and invasion of privacy.

We are just girls. I only did minor things for ajay when he was involved with american elections. None of what i ever did required or necessitated invasion of my privacy let alone investigation !

Ajay may be political - not me or Olga or Dana or Lisa.

Maybe Katrina Kaif - a British Model - currently an actress in Indian Cinema -is ?


i know I am not. I also don't watch Indian Movies.

Whatever i did - with or for ajay - is PUBLIC . not hidden.

I cannot resolve the perception that Eastern Europeans and Russians are all spies and are out there to harm the west. Sorry, I cant change perceptions, I am just a girl and also a MOM.

Obama and Clinton are two people whom you may wanna contact . They know more and are more erudite and do possess panache - i don't. we don't.

If you want to buy beads or Jewellery, please contact Daniela Mocanu.

I am not rich, neither is Katrina Kaif. While Katrina is a celebrity, who wants more visibility and promotions, I am just - a girl, who doesn't want publicity, but craves privacy.

I am now overwhelmed and wish to remain Local and private to protect my family's safety, security and privacy. Jewellery business or bead making, housekeeping or parenting, helping or editing is all i did so far that concerns you.

PS: unless you have a subpoena from MY nation, you don't have a right to intrude into my email, computer, or files. Anyway, ALL my files expect but my MEDICAL files, are NOW PUBLIC - for PUBLIC consumption..

Below, on this page - are links to ajay's social presence, he is my friend, gate keeper and protector - you may contact ajay for any investigations you may need. Ajay knows the police and law enforcement agencies of more than a few nations. He knows them more than even my dad does in my own nation

also, Obama's daughter is MALIA - not MILA - not me.

AND Obama's second daughter is - SASHA - and for that u have to ask OLGA OR AJAY. Yes Sasha is a Russian - Slavic name. i refuse to comment on these subjects anymore.

thanks for your comprehension and for your understanding

Luda/ Mila + ajay + others .