milani athapattu


Me borned in Peradeniya general hospital. I was studied at Swarnamali girls college from grade 1 to 13. I have worked hard that period and achieved lot of things in academic as well as non academic. I was a member of under 13 athletic team and also a member of under 15 netball team. Best achievement of my school time was holding a prefect’s court of Swarnamali Girls College Kandy. I have done my best for my school as a prefect.
I have done my O/L exam well and get highest marks for it. The A-Levels I have selected Mathematics stream. Because I have always interest for Mathematics from my child hood. Some of my favorite areas however were geometry and trigonometry. I enjoyed the challenge of difficult questions with unequivocal answers.
When I am in grade 11 I have dreamed to be a Pilot. But I have grown with years change my mind to be an Engineer. Because it can help people using my brain and it will be improve my logic knowledge day by day. In the A-Levels Physics and Chemistry improve my analytical skills and it is a highly added some practical based knowledge.
I loves reading and writing blogs, traveling, gardening and movie buff. In my childhood I have written some of story books. I am writing a blog with my fresh ideas and also write educational blog as well.

Now I am an undergraduate of Computer Science degree program. I wanted to say these 3 years I have earned lot of knowledge of IT. Not only I have got the academic knowledge but also earned knowledge about society. I found lot of friends with different areas with different cultures. They gave me lot of experiences for my life. There are number of Lecturers who are going beyond the knowledge in UCSC. We are using so many assets as a UCSC undergraduate.

I have got a chance to worked at Codegen International Pvt(Ltd) as a trainee Software Engineer. I have participated 3 more projects and one application demonstrated to the UK. At that 6 months period I have earned lot of IT knowledge and also learnt team work. Now I am following a special degree in Computer Science.

  • Work
    • Freelancing Developer @ WWTS pvt (Ltd)
  • Education
    • University of Colombo School of Computing