Andy Milburn

Sydney, Australia

I’m Andy Milburn, a hugely experienced executive, leader and strategist. An expert in management, motivation and coaching.

Within 4 years of leaving college I was leading a team and breaking records.

I’ve been winning ever since.

I build trust - and solid, motivated teams around it.

I’ve grown revenue by triple digits - in less than two years - in most of my roles. I recently quadrupled sales in a two year period.

I do this with the same people I start with. Including the “problem child” (most established teams have one, right?!).

I have created markets, expanded reach, introduced new ideas in many different market sectors from Government (including military), large enterprise, commercial, all the way to SME and SOHO.

I have successfully sold products, services, solutions - even concepts (you know, like The Cloud!).

I have led all kinds of people in all kinds of teams, large and small.

I drive structure, process and more importantly, predictability.

I’m a huge advocate of “the channel” and have had amazing successes working with it.

I don’t care who gets the credit - I just want to win.*

I have Big Ideas - lots of them.*

Lots of people have Big Ideas. Execution is what matters, and I execute.*

I’m the calm guy!

Coaching comes naturally to me - whether you’re a schoolboy soccer star or an IT genius.

Outside of work, I am a family guy and like to spend as much time with them as possible. We're a tight unit - emigrating to the other side of the world does that!

I try to be socially responsible, whether that's making sure I never walk past a Big Issue vendor or sponsoring through World Vision - I believe that everybody should do their bit.

I love my sports - golf, football, rugby union - and watch as much of it live as I am able. I still play the occasional round of golf though since my sons started to outdrive me, it's kind of lost it's appeal!

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    • EMC Corporation