milddom mild

i heard from the other day that many subs and slaves have a reason that they like me . it was because i wanted a slave, but i don't like dirty or disorderly , it made me this master which was in there taste (?) yes , it is right . i do mental training and punishment based play usually. other than that , a little of humiliation play to satisfy my sadist side. i believe that i am a master who has a very clean and smart play style and have some self pride in it ;; hahaha i am a master who always cares and makes them feel they are always with me and also i am a hater dirty and unsystemetical play which others say makes me a ideal master. hearing things like that made me feelhappy! hm.. since i already started let me list some things that i never do anal, enma, bondage, waxing ,fisting,needle dog play etc.... these are the plays that i usally do . humiliation , spanking , physical training , exposure other than plays , i get satisfaction and prefer slaves that have a royal mind and believe and rely on me to be trained. because of that , it made me able to have an off line experience without any tools. and sometimes i see people who say "i cant be a slave , because i don't know how to do anything or i dont think i am a slave" but i think the thing which seperates between a sub and a slave is between what is in the heart, what their attittude towards the master is , is it just to satisfy being a sub? or to the extent of a slave? for example , there is a spanker , and the person that he/she wants to have as a master likes spanking. but if the spankee's attitude towards the spanker was not much different from a slave , that spankee might be able to be a slave. can you understand? For more information, please visit my blog p.s: i would like someone who is fast in reaction , and will refuse people who think since it is their propensity they should have a master. and would prefer people who do SM for destiny then for a mental reason . a DS isn't a mental game right?