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Mold & Mildew Solutions, LLC


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mold removal, mold remediation, mold testing, indoor air quality testing


We are Birmingham's go to solution for the removal of black mold, white mold, green mold, suspected mildew, toxic mold, non toxic mold and all types of molds. Our goals of mold remediation are to remove non-salvageable materials in a safe manner, remove mold from permanent building materials and to ultimately restore the environment back to a healthy state.

We guarantee you a thorough and safe mold removal process. In order to eliminate mold and mildew water damage or contamination, from the property. You may wonder why we don’t simply “kill” it and then just paint over it. Ask yourself if you want to remove mold and allergens or if you just want to cover them up. We will recommend what is needed, and at times that does mean removal of contaminated materials.

For materials that are permanent and affected but not completely contaminated, mold removal technicians will focus on the physical removal of mold spores. One example of this are wall frames or studs. We perform proper surface cleaning protocols and by doing so eliminate existing mold spores and return the surfaces to a healthy and safe state. ?

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908 13th St N.

Birmingham, AL



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