jupiter baby

✦ hello there and welcome to my before you follow! thank you for coming here to read a bit more about me! as many of you know, i normally go by "fox" but if we are close/if you go to school with me you can feel free to call me by my real name "peyton". im also comfy with being called any of my kin names.

✦i am genderfluid, but you can feel free to use any pronouns with me. im an enfj, a lawful good, and a pisces.

✦ note! you should be wary of following me if you are not comfortable with talk of the lgbt+ community. this also goes along with kins. also, i talk a lot so beware of that if you follow/befriend me

✦ i do talk about my anxiety, depression, and other issues on occasion. i have been professionally diagnosed with major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety, adhd, and ptsd. do not worry too much about the fore mentioned; im totally getting the help needed from medications and my psychologist!

✦ if you do follow me, please do not ask about my dad, talk to me about possible triggering subjects such as self harm and suicide, ask me about any of my sexual experieces, or invalidate me in any way

✦ i will try to warn of triggers whenever needed, so please tell me of yours so i can be careful!

✦ im a mega nerd for psychology, philosophy, theology, humanities, books, art, and music, so talk to me! also its 2016 and i still am in a love hate relationship with homestuck

✦ if you kin as these characters beware because i don't want anyone to be uncomfy! also, if you want me to add your kin to a list i have, tell me! (these are all in order of importance!)

✦id; actually me: kyle broflovski, kankri vantas, kuroo tetsurō

✦ primary: mitsuba sangū, maki nishikino, prince gumball, sugawara kōshi

✦secondary: kanaya maryam

✦tertiary: jake english

✦not kin, but strongly relate to and like to be tagged as: peridot and death the kid