Mildura Florist

Mildura, Australia

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Lily's Florist Mildura is well-known for its stunning, creative floral designs that stay looking ideal for much longer. We've done our better to ensure that purchasing flowers at Mildura Florist can be an experience you will love and feel great about long from then on special event or event has ended. We've been spending so much time over twenty years to earn a reputation for exceptional quality, variety as well as creative imagination in all in our flower designs.

We offer blossom bouquets and preparations for r special situations such as wedding ceremonies, newborn, get well, mother's day, Valentine 's Day, and also other celebration flowers.

We assume that you shall not miss something you love from our wide selection of beautiful flowers.

Situated in North Wets Victoria, Mildura city occupies almost 10% of the state of hawaii. Its surroundings includes vibrant cities, intense horticultural farms, broadacre grain properties, and unique Mallee vegetation. The amazing Murray River winds its way through almost all of the municipality and acts as a excellent point for over 50,000 local people as well as tourists.