Milena Salazar

Many times we limit ourselves even to our most basic abilities because we think we don't have the capability to do something or simply because we say I can't do it, specially if you are getting old, and believe me, I was like you!

So, let me tell you something...,I love building websites and because I know just the basic on that, I realized that I need to go more deeply no matter what my age is, so, I take the challenge to start learning not only how to build and design a website, but all that is behind each page.

Why not? I asked myself. Then, with the help of the many sources we have today in the internet, I started watching videos and taking lessons that took me to this point of writing about this things I didn't know and... Here I am! making my own website. Isn't that great!

Well, You too can do it! Just make an effort and pursuit your goal, then be successful.