Milena Nguyen


Milena Nguyen is a yoga teacher and multi-faceted artist.

She’s the creator of Soulful Garden, the place where she nurtures her community’s Body-Mind-Spirit through Yoga & Art.

Still feel curious? Read on!

– Milena as a Yogi and Yoga teacher: Milena began her yoga practice in 2010. Having experienced the transformational power of yoga, Milena started giving yoga classes since March 2015. She wants to help as many people as possible express themselves through their body.

“Our body is the tool we have to express ourselves in this world. Once our body is fully open and energized, our mind and soul have a chance to run free and wild.” Milena is known for her graceful yoga movements, soothing teaching voice, attention to details of posture alignments, non-forcing approach, combining strength and ease, spirituality and science.

– Milena as an Artist: She is a writer and blogger! Milena writes weekly self-development articles to inspire her community with her stories and learning. She is working on the manuscript of her first book.

What else? Milena is also Zentangler, and Mandala artist. She is developing her own line of art products call Soulful Art – art that inspires you.

– Milena as a Teacher:In 6 years working in AIESEC Vietnam, AIESEC International, and Knowmads Hanoi. Milena has delivered countless speeches, lectures and workshops on personal development, soft skills, self-discovery, leadership, etc. to an audience of 1 to 700 people. She writes self-development articles, and sends tips and inspiration to her online commu

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