Milene Justo

Student in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Hello, I am Milene. I am a student currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I created this page to raise awareness for those who do not protect their Digital Identity.

Do you know what information is online about you?

Are you aware of the people who can track down what you are posting and what they can do with it?

Many people are unaware of their personal information which can cause things such as:
- Identity Theft
-Exposure of personal information
and much more.

By clicking "Back my campaign" above, not only will you further educate yourself on how to protect your privacy online, but hopefully help create awareness for others as well.

You can also search:
TWITTER - @PrivacyPrivee or @PrivacyMatters
YOUTUBE - Search up "Social, Smart, Secure. Tips for Staying Safe Online"
FACEBOOK - Follow the "Online Privacy Tips" Page

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