Miles Tillinger

London, UK

Some believe his fantastic journey into the brave new world of the interwebs was kickstarted by an ill-fated head-first dive from his family’s backyard pagola, whilst retrieving a frisbee during an alcohol soaked teenie pool party, the ensuing damage to his brain connecting synapses that would have otherwise lay dormant. Most default to the most obvious theory: it was t3h pr0n.

In truth, it started with a single pixel. That pixel was green, and for time being that was all it could be. Soon that pixel gained the power of 8 bits, opening up a colourful world of 256 possibilities. With the ability to control that power through the hundreds of thousands of the pixels wielding it, he delved deeper into the void, enticed by the apparently infinite tree of fractal-like possibilities presented to him and the growing community of others on the same journey. The pixels controlled grew from hundreds of thousands, to millions and more, richer with colours and interactive possibilities, seeded by the boundless creativity of the denizens of forums, blogs and source code repositories.

The rest is now browser history and Google search results. It might even be in a wiki somewhere.

But the journey never ends, and so in this brief snapshot of his life, we find his desire is to help the the now almost ubiquitously gargantuan community of pixel pushers to bring their magic to the world in the most efficient, focussed, and fun way possible, like some sort of Pokemon agility trainer who’s way to old to even be referencing Pokemon.

Where will it end? Nobody can claim to have even an inkling of where that might be, but wherever it is, make sure you’re along for the ride...

  • Work
    • Scrum Master @ Hailo