Aaron Miles

In 2009 I found myself desperately wanting change from Corporate America. I wasn't a disgruntle employee, however spending time with family and friends increasingly became more of a priority. That’s when I was introduced to the business of Direct Marketing. Although new to the industry, I understood building a residual income based business would give me my time back. I also knew I wanted to be 100% in control of my income and life. That was the turning point. Since then I've been able to coach, mentor and lock arms with many industry experts and entrepreneurs that share the same vision. Some of who have become my closest friends. The brand Miles2Success was established in early 2011 as platform for progression, personal development and achieving the ultimate goal of financial freedom. The tagline Real People Real Results simply means anyone can be successful in this business regardless of your individual Race, Sex, Gender or Background. Our overall objective and commitment is to teach others how to build a successful 5LINX business and ultimately enjoy the benefits of having time and money together. In today’s economy that simple philosophy holds so much value because inflation is at an all time high, foreclosures are happening everyday and "job security" is no longer secure. Nobody is "safe" anymore. Despite all of the challenges the economy has created we have managed to find a way out through a proven vehicle that is SOLID and yields RESULTS. I personally invite you to take the next step and see what The New Professional looks like..... I love to win, but most of all I truly enjoy helping others. See you on the Other Side - A.Miles.