Community Outreach, Volunteer, and Mother in the United States

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I'm not a writer- or at least that is what many of us think to ourselves. What could I possibly share with the world that anyone would want to read? This is the question I have been asking myself since I was in high school when I secretly wrote my thoughts and stories to people I pretended were reading them. All of us are writers and thinkers and dreamers but how many of us will dare to level up and put our stories out there? I encourage everyone to share their story, their Why they do what they do and How do they go about it when the scars are deep and the miles they run are long.

I am a Mom to one brave, inspiring, baseball loving, kind boy who has reached the wonder years of middle school and of a little yet fiercely independent, beautiful daughter making her way through the halls of high school and life. I believe in the healing power of Mother Nature and seek out every opportunity I can to enjoy the beauty, peace and stillness that she has to offer.

When I am not on the sidelines cheering for my kids at their sporting events, I choose to invest my time and energy running the miles and carrying the torch for two groups of people; children and veterans. In both of these arenas, I focus on building trusting relationships that promote personal growth, offer assistance, appreciation, and restore a strong sense of community while fostering true leadership at the grassroots level.

My sense of purpose or calling in this life is deeply rooted in my story. Since the beginning of time, we have been driven to connect with others; to feel, listen, show empathy, offer guidance and encourage growth not only in ourselves but in each other. My hope is this site does just that.

Thank you for taking the time to connect with me and my stories. Excited to connect with all of you.