Miles Bauer Bergstrom & Winters LLP

Creditors throughout Arizona, Nevada, and California seeking to collect unsecured and secured debts can benefit from the 26-year-old Miles, Bauer, Bergstrom & Winters, LLP. Physically based in Henderson, Nevada, and Santa Ana, California, Miles, Bauer, Bergstrom & Winters, LLP consists of 25 attorneys: 4 partners and 21 associates, with translation service in Spanish, German, Tagalog (Filipino), Farsi, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Primarily concentrating on loan default litigation, the firm’s lawyers help auto lenders, mortgage companies, businesses, and others to receive the property or money they are due through legal action. The litigators at Miles, Bauer, Bergstrom & Winters, LLP work tirelessly with each of their clients to develop customized strategies for a myriad of civil suits, some involving environmental litigation, easements, loan compliance, wrongful foreclosure, and car financing. On the side of the lenders, Miles, Bauer, Bergstrom & Winters, LLP helps obtain deficiency judgments, judicial and non-judicial foreclosures, evictions, writs of execution, and property through repossession. With more than 80 years of combined experience, these lawyers possess an intricate knowledge of bankruptcy law, including details about the law as well as the judges who enforce it. Miles, Bauer, Bergstrom & Winters, LLP also employs attorneys adept at performing as trustees, to increase the likelihood that clients will receive money when a borrower defaults on a loan. In addition to practicing law across three states, attorneys at Miles, Bauer, Bergstrom & Winters, LLP are licensed to practice in a number of federal courts. Along with the Ninth Circuit and Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, these litigators represent clients in front of the U.S. District Courts for Nevada, Arizona, and the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Central Districts of California. Involved in the legal community, the firm’s professionals belong to several organizations, including the American Bar Association, the American Association for Justice, Arizona Trustees Association, and the Los Angeles County Bar Association.