Houston, Texas, United States

I am a bit of an unusual story. My Japanese mother moved to America for college and met my father at a small school in Indiana. Although I was born only half-Japanese, my mother made me attend a Japanese language Saturday school since the first grade. The result is the odd combination of a not so Japanese-looking guy that has been heavily influenced by Japanese culture and can speak the language.

I attended The University of Texas as an undergrad and have two degrees to show for it (Business - Marketing, Asian Cultures and Languages - Japanese). After obtaining my degrees, I have spent most of my career in sales and have experience in the hospitality, manufacturing, and oil & gas industries.

I am always looking for a new experience. The search for "life-changing experiences" began as a joke I told my friends, but has turned into more of a life motto. This year alone I have tried things such as yoga, volunteering, speaking on live television as a sports new anchor, and attending my first pro sports game as a member of the media. I hope to add acceptance to the McCombs MBA program as yet another life-changing event!

I am an aficionado of creative expression like music and art. I attend many concerts and music events every year. I also was an art student throughout my childhood and have translated my skills into a graphic design hobby. Outside of that, I love to do active things. Yoga, CrossFit, basketball, running, or golf are all activities I might choose to do on a given day.

Hopefully those reading have enjoyed this condensed version of me.

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