Miles Chilson

Designer, Public Speaker, and Technologist in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Miles Chilson is an award-winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and inventor with a mission to transform the way we interact with and perceive technology.

Miles is the Founder & CEO of The Chilson Design Collaborative, a design firm where he developed a "Knights of The Round Table" method for collaborating with seasoned professionals from a unique and diverse blend of backgrounds. Alongside his work at The Chilson Design Collaborative, Miles remains the Director of Product Development at Eduporium, the #4 most influential brand for STEM Technology in 2018, the founder of start-up Bambu Bicycles and the active President and Founder of the New England based Tesla Owners association. Before The Design Collaborative, Chilson began as an entrepreneur in sustainable transportation and energy solutions. He was a partner of 2016 LG featured solar company Edbec and Co-founder of rare metal distributor and boutique Nouvelle Vie.

With patents for smart home/office technology, wearable devices, and more, much of his work focuses on computer-human interaction, IoT, and creating technology that dissolves into the fabric of everyday life in order to bridge the generational gap of technology usage.

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