Miles Eves


I've worked from a rich and varied number of backgrounds from a law firm in Perth to a number of production roles in GTV Channel 9 Television Broadcating in Melbourne as well as many more to name a few.

Passions in life

Media: I enjoy a wide range, but by far it is film and cinema as I studied Drama for six years in secondary school and media in my final two years of high school and finally creating my own short "The Misadentures Of Dream Boy". And following it into university by studying Advertising at RMIT Melbourne as well as interactive media at NMIT Collingwood.

Art: Is something I've always followed through my life, I still try to do it in my spare time whether its painting, drawing, designing. When it comes to appreciation or creating it gives me a great outlet in life as well as an edge in terms of design but has also become a unique trait for me which I hope never to lose for years to come.

Space: Since I was very young I've always been amazed by space and astronomy, I had the dream of going to NASA in the U.S and was very fortunate to do so by going to the Marshall Space Flight Center in Hunstvilee Alabama as well as Cape Canaveral in Florida and was asborbed into the marvelous culture and history of NASA through the NASA space camp program desinged to enthuse and show young people the future of space and the applications to come with it.

Music: I was had an active music life throughout school and also experimented in a number of instruments from piano, drumkit, violin and was involved in a number of military tattos as well as orchestral concerts and choir concerts.

Sport: I'm also a qualified sports first aider by sports medicine australia and trained in sports medicine.