Milestone Outreach Services, LLC

A large number of our children are labeled as special needs. “The relationship between poverty and disabilities is complex; there is ample evidence that social risk factors, including low income and limited resources, negatively affect childrens health. Family poverty places a child at risk for adverse life experience resulting from environmental factors that negatively affect multiple outcomes, including health"(Bauman et al., 2006). I believe some of these health related conditions can be modified and corrected by providing service to prevent unnecessary hardships and to guide through difficult times.

Vision Statement

Strong communities that provide stability, promote values, and strengthen families to develop wholesome children who can contribute to a brighter future.

Mission Statement

Milestone Outreach Services, LLC is a nonprofit organization that promotes and strengthens youth values (placing emphases on education, self esteem, and personal development) and provides stable environments that encourages positive youth development and enriches and empowers life’s challenges with competence, confidence, and dignity.

Value Statements

Education – Knowledge is the key to success. We believe that success is measured by achieving goals, and one major accomplishment for youth is to complete high school. We want to introduce them to leaders to motivate them to continue to stimulate their minds by going to college or learning a trade. “It is a good thing to have structured, planned activities for developing minds, so that, as their brains develop in capacity, they are also guided to use that capacity to do the right things” (Williams, p. 27). Compassion – We desire to assist the needs of youth during their struggle by providing a listening ear, a giving heart, and a helping hand to offer guidance and a strong support system. Although we all have had different circumstances, we can all relate to needing assistance in some form and this is how we molded our personalities. This has made us strong enough to overcome additional obstacles. Communities – We believe that it takes a strong community to raise a child. All individuals can influence and impact the lives of our youth, and it is not only the responsibilities of the parent but it is the responsibility of the teachers, churches, neighbors, and business to instill positive values into them.