Miles West

Miles West

“I have a relentless intellectual curiosity and passion for understanding the “whys” behind customers’ beliefs and behaviors. Previous brand marketing experiences and a unique combination of skills enable me to challenge convention and drive meaningful innovation.”

Extensive domestic and global experience in multi-channel (digital and traditional) Direct to Patient and Professional marketing in the life sciences, health and wellness and CPG categories.

• Assessing the marketplace to identify opportunities
• Developing strategies for brands at every point in their lifecycle that are sustainable, credible,
ownable, relevant and exciting
• Setting high standards and empowering teams to stretch beyond their comfort zone
• Inspiring creativity in all aspects of marketing that is both smart and exciting
• Leading collaboration and integration of multi-disciplinary teams
• Multi-channel tactical planning with an emphasis on digital solutions that overcome barriers to adoption and achieve brand goals
• Challenging convention and driving innovation while assessing risk and return to ensure both value and practicality
• Building stakeholder consensus—the key to overcoming what is often the most significant barrier to team success

• Cardiovascular and Metabolic disorders (Afib, lipidemia, diabetes, CHF, hypoparathyroidism)
• Hematology (hemophilia and anti-platelets therapies)
• Infectious disease (HepC)
• Genetic disorders (Cystic Fibrosis)
• Glaucoma and other ocular diseases
• CNS (MS, insomnia, migraine)
• Oncology (MM, CLL, NHL, APL, Breast cancer)
• Dermatology (cosmetic and therapeutic)
• Men’s health (testosterone deficiency, erectile dysfunction)
• Women’s health (estrogen replacement, osteoperosis)
• Nephrology (CKD, dialysis care and related therapies)
• Birth control (pills, patches and devices)
• Gastroenterology (heartburn/reflux, chrones, IBD, IBS)
• Vaccines

  • Work
    • Starting Point Creative Marketing LLC