miles wickham

Brooklyn, NYC

miles wickham

Brooklyn, NYC

Graffiti artist since 2000, always exploring and refining my self-expression . Freeflow creator. Self-taught artist.

I love painting abstract work

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I also do custom commissioned work.

I teach graffiti and share motivating and inspirational talks i create through youtube, with much success, having 1.3 millions views on all videos combined, and over 13,000 subscribers (as of February 2016). More than just "how-to" videos, these are meant to guide you to a most fulfilling path of self expression, no matter what art form you choose.

I am also an actor freelancing with Chelsea Talent, and training with Diaan Ainslee.

I am 4th Kyu in Daito-Ryu Aiki Jujutsu at Yushinkan of Takumakai, in Brooklyn NYC. This is a 900 year old japanese martial art studied and handed down through family lineages of samurai until the 18th century, when it was taught more publicly. I also train kuen-do with wing-chun master Randy Tay.

I have a high level of physical and energetic sensitivity. I am an initiated Deeksha blessing giver.

Other interests and practices include classical piano, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, downhill mountain biking , healthy and harmonious living.

Healing modalities: Bioenergetics, Network Spinal Analysis, Somato Respiratory Integration, Vipassana meditation, Deeksha ( initiated blessing giver). Guided by Robert Baker (R.I.P.) of Children of Light for 5 years.

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The best place to see most of my art is Flickr and my Facebook fan page

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