mili barai

rajkot, india

ohh... myself.... wondering where to start from..! :P
i have so so much to speak about amazing friends.. family...and me! :P hehehe!!

ermm.... starting from..."me"!! hahhaha!! the thing i love the most about me is my voice..! i know its weird to praise our own self but its fun.. and the worst thing about me is.. erm... my laziness...gosh... so so many of my dream..goals.. and aims have been unachieved because of my lazy nature..anyways..workin to get out of that "lazy" stuff... and i'm almost succesful and happy about it!

wow!! i'm so glad i wrote this much about me.. hahaha!! i've never written so much! :P

the most amazing part of my life is my amazing school life...! SNK... the school i study... one of the best schools of the city.. and maye india too..! but according to me.. it is the best school in the world.. (not over exagurating but it really is so)except for our bloody teachers...sorry to say that but except for some all are the same! almost all of my time goes for i have opted for afternoon shift this year..! the best part is "break time"! hahaha!! watching people playing football.. garbas... playing pranks on people... loittering around in the school nad all is really fun..i'm sure i'm gonna miss this all next i'm gonna have morning shift but morning shift is also nol less fun... as diwali is aproaching.. today.. some of the boys bursted a bomb in the boys washroom.. and the glass broke badly..! :P