Milfan Agung

I'm studied Computer Engineering at Telkom Institute of Technology and joining at Electronic and Intelligence Robotic Research Group, I really like about IT, IT is everything for me and my dream is in IT. I also considers that, very important role IT era of globalization as it is now, so you have to understand about IT.

Playing bass at PRTKL band. My hobby is music, for me the world seemed empty without the music I love music type Poprock, Punkpop sometimes Jazz, too. Paramore is a band I like the most. music can also be entertaining person in any circumstances, either when he is sad or "Galau" hahaha #musicandITareeverything :D

I also love sports, especially football and my favorite team is the "CHELSEA FC", yes I'm true blue and I was a member of CISCBandung. I also like the photograph because it is very fascinating for me, I also love playing online games like "Sealonline" and certainly greenholic hahaha