Moora Miliaeva

Dating Russian Women And Their Expectations: most of dating women, when you ask them what kind of guy they are searching for, will answer they are looking for a "normal man". What does "normal" mean when it comes to the Russian women? Being "normal" doesn't mean being boring and bland. It means being and acting like a man in traditional understanding of these terms. In Russia the man is expected to work and be the provider for his family, while the woman is expected to run the household and take care of the children.

Russian girls will consider you "normal" when you are polite and respectful, when you are well-groomed, you have a decent job, you respect your parents, you have no big drama and problems in your life, you honor the older people, and you treat women with respect and care. The more you fit into this list, the more chances you have to win your Russian woman's heart.