Milica Djukanovic

Designer, Artist, and Photographer in Belgrade, Serbia

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"Milica works hard and tries not to take herself too seriously. She wants to become professional model and pray for world peace when she grows up. Or she can become a monk and still pray for the world peace. Very first monk on Fashion TV. Its up to her to decide. If she ever grows up. Which is highly unlikely. But for some reason people are afraid of her. Something is wrong with the people. Anyway, as we all know, humanity is on a verge of a collapse, so who cares. I am not afraid of her. Though I still sleep with my lights on".

Hi I welcome you to my profile and thank you for visiting it.
My life and work is inspired with the art of mosaic . I am using lot of different materials Air, Earth, Water and Fire to live my life and glass, mirror, fabric, leatherette, leather and wood to do my job.

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    • Everything that I know and do, I leaned by myself.