Milind Godbole (aka. MG)

With over 2 decades experience in services industry in multiple capacities, I have started to carve the tip of the iceberg with a long way to continue learning.


I am passionate about what I do and own it completely. Have been fortunate to work with some really smart people who help with my vision and practively think long term in the best interest of the business.

My Day Job:

As the President, APAC, I am entrusted to lead Asia Pacific delivery for Aditya Birla Minacs, managing the P&L, profitability and people asset year on year with stretch targets. It has been a brilliant drive since my joining here and am happy to express that we are on our right path with innovation, customer / client experience, 3P 5C framework et all.

In Life:

I am a light hearted family guy. Blessed with an angel for a daughter and my wife who has been my pillar of strength and patience.