Pat Martinez

My life, to this point, has been anything but ordinary. I often see it as a series of books, where each one plays off the previous one, often with the same characters and settings.

Book one sees me from birth through an abusive home environment and up to high school graduation, when I joined the Army and got the hell out of Dodge.

Book two sees me from day one in the Army, through basic training, technical training, marriage, motherhood, and divorce.

Book three sees me from divorce through discharge from military service, US Army Reserve service, single parenting, working as a temporary and struggling financially to support my kids and the household, obtaining permanent employment, and finding the me that had been hidden my whole life.

Book four takes me from that awakening, into a same-sex marriage, a groundbreaking lawsuit victory, the crushing blow of adultery that destroyed my marriage, another divorce and, finally, the end of my working days as I walk off into the sunset of retirement.

This new book, this empty book, is mine to write. Often in the previous four books, I had no control over what was written into my life. From this point on, I vow to have control over as much as possible for what will likely be the last book of my life.

If you want to read the parts of previous "books," go here.

I won't be changing any names to protect the innocent or anything like that. As I said, this is my book, and I get to choose what goes in and what doesn't.