Milissa Buckles

A graduate of the University of Phoenix, Inc., Registered Nurse (RN) Milissa Buckles holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, as well as Public Health Nurse and Certified Case Manager certifications. Milissa Buckles serves as RN Case Manager at Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center, a member of Catholic Healthcare West in Glendale, California. A skilled leader, Milissa Buckles manages patient intakes in multiple divisions, including medical and surgical, oncology, cardiology, cardiac care, intensive care, and neonatal intensive care. When a patient first arrives at Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center, Milissa Buckles supervises all the aspects of admission, overseeing continued stays and discharges. In addition to handling the intake process, Milissa Buckles functions as a patient advocate, communicating with physicians and insurance companies to coordinate continued care beyond the hospital. Milissa Buckles is an asset to the facility and regularly conducts utilization reviews, which involve coordinating with insurance providers to confirm a treatment or procedure is medically necessary. Milissa Buckles also oversees quality control and patient information management. Dedicated to her profession, Milissa Buckles belongs to the Case Management Society of America and the Oncology Nursing Society. In her recreational time, Milissa Buckles enjoys hiking, biking, listening to music, and practicing yoga. Milissa Buckles is a passionate humanitarian, supporting organizations that aid women, children, and people without homes.