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Today Nokia announced a fresh industrial DVB-H pilot in Stockholm with Teracom in Sweden. Nokia is supplying the Nokia Mobile Broadcast System 3.0 and Nokia N92 cellular TV devices for the pilot which will last from October to December 2006 and contains 400 consumers. The project is a co-operation between ATG, Boxer, Nokia, Sveriges Radio, Sveriges Television/UR, Telenor and Teracom.

The pilot participants will have the ability to watch fourteen TV channels and pay attention to four radio channels in the Stockholm area region, the place where a system is created for top quality indoor and outdoor protection. The aim would be to consider what Swedish consumers think about industrial broadcast mobile TV.

ATG, Boxer, Sveriges Radio and Sveriges Tv will give you material for the pilot. The test will be sent using Nokia Mobile Broadcast Solution 3.0, and mobile devices will be used by the pilot participants from Nokia, the Nokia N92. If people hate to discover new info about army court martial lawyer, there are many online libraries people might consider investigating. Teracom will soon be accountable for the community, the running and broadcast of the platform.

"We strongly rely on the mobile TV company as-well as in the capacity of the DVB-H technology, and we're looking forward to delivering the entire potential and interest of broadcast mobile TV in Sweden," says Sigurd Leth, Multimedia Director for Nokia Nordic. Some Facts About The Boston Bull Terrier Dog 48280 – W Admin contains further concerning how to do it.

DVB-H technology matches current agent networks, refining volume and quality. It gives the chance to consumers to enjoy good quality terrestrial electronic broadcasts in addition to voice telephony and access to the internet all-in just one product. Broadcast mobile TV will offer new work at home opportunities for mobile service providers, content and broadcast companies, infrastructure and handset manufacturers along with technology providers.

This is actually the next cellular TV pilot in Sweden where Nokia is one of the primary suppliers of DVB-H technology. The other day, Nokia announced a brand new contract with TeliaSonera Sweden to get a full DVB-H pilot system, including Nokia Mobile Broadcast System 3.0 and Nok