Miljana Mićović

Miljana Mićović

BA in Hispanic Philology at the University of Belgrade.

MA from Expert in Spanish as a Foreign Language in Professional Environments at the University of Barcelona.

Currently enrolled as a PhD student in Varieties of Spanish in Professional Register and in Spanish as a foreign Language at the University of Barcelona.

I have been conducting a comparative research in political communication and presidential debates in Spain and Serbia. Comparative analysis encompasses the current situation of political communication in these two countries. Regarding presidential debates, I compare various segments of their organization, formats, the influence they have on voting body, as well as the tradition of debates in both contexts, Spanish and Serbian. Since I am a linguist, my focus is primarily on analyzing political discourse in debates. The central topic of the research is linguistic and rethoric strategies and mechanisms of argumentation that the presidential candidates use in the face-to-face debates in both countries.

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