mira 💫

hello I'm mira, and I want to make more friends and meet new people so if you're reading this then I'll tell you how you can(possibly)get accepted into my account. my main purpose of this account was for close friends and those I can trust and have put up with me until now, so I want to accept people I have a chance of becoming friends with. if you don't really intend on talking to me then you probably shouldn't request. that being said, I'm going to be really selective on who I accept, so if you want to request my account, then send me a dm and tell me why I should accept you and etc or whatever you want to tell me. honestly I know that's a hassle and kind of weird but this account is my safe haven, so I'm really paranoid. anyway, below will be some of my interests and just a little bit about me?

so I'm mira of course and im currently 16, and Im a sinner bye. i mean everyone calls me a sin but I think I'm pure 😩,,, anyway so ??? my account is a spam account so I will be spamming and I'm just really weird so ???? im going through a stressful part of my life right now so I will complain and vent and rant on my acc so take that into consideration too. i literally just spam kpop shit all day and just act really gay bye. my top 5 groups rn are bts, monsta x, seventeen, vixx and up10tion/twice(they're tied bye). so if you've read all this then congratulations so you can choose to not request or go dm me and tell me basically why I should accept you. I'll be surprised if anyone actually does this but yeah 😩