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You are going to I live in Orange County and I have left and at find a spring but just can’t really identify a viable source near here but you may be able to help us to berried to Carlsbad alkaline water thinking you Adam idea alternative thanks so much makeup yeah well it's interesting because we'd we have to go about three hours at the to get our spring water we do yeah we do that's quite the process we go to the lake am it's springtime hmm passage to the closest I think if I outside LA somewhere you mentioned I don’t know okay I'd have to check on their return to the lake and that one yeah Lake Hemet it's a beautiful child I mean if you're up for a day spread chap we go out to Palm Springs an upper up over the mountain and come back through hamlet a hacker in is a nice drive yeah we got ourselves about 66 count six and a half gallon glass carboys mom-hmm with straps on a man we got the old corks and everything we you left them Cleanse Fit 1800 up into the car to look them up I could not I came in like an left like one empty bottles are so heavy there are like 60 per 50 60 pounds Andean keep you around that's why I'm just glad made it just feels like gannet fans just can't calm left my water now that's a really good one my call and then and I have heard about the Carlsbad an Alcoanyse water.