Miguel Millan, DC

Austin, Texas

It was right before starting high school that I became interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. Around that time a friend of mine suggested I consider chiropractic as a profession. Until that point I had never visited a chiropractor, but as I researched more about the discipline I became fascinated by the concept of helping people recover from pain and dysfunction in a strictly non-invasive way (without using needles or surgery). Granted, I have always loved the field of medicine and all it can do to alleviate much suffering. At the same time, physicians and providers across the healthcare spectrum have found that non-invasive treatments help patients get better while avoiding unnecessary side-effects.

Upon concluding my chiropractic studies at Logan University in Chesterfield, MO, and while starting to practice I realized how important it was to deliver personalized care. There simply is no substitute for spending the right amount of time with the patient and designing a customized treatment plan that is aimed at addressing the patient's individual concerns and goals. That's why we make it a point to give you the attention needed to get you better, no quick fix would suffice.

Personally I want to thank you for your interest in 8-555-MY-CHIRO. Our name is our phone number, and we offer online appointments, all with the objective to make it simple for you to enjoy the ideal chiropractic practice. And it is my hope that you will give us the chance to serve you soon.

  • Work
    • Arise Austin Medical Center
  • Education
    • U.E. Colegio Romulo Gallegos
    • Logan University